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What should I do if my department receives a check and I do not have deposit tickets?

Use the paper Deposit Transmittal Form. Read the instructions to determine what applies to your situation. If you anticipate a need to have your own deposit tickets, based on the volume of checks that you receive, e-mail [email protected] for guidance.

What is a return check?

A return check is the term used for a check that the sender’s bank declined to pay and is therefore returned to the university. There are multiple possibilities for the return of a check. These include insufficient funds, closed account, a stop payment was placed on the check by the sender, missing signature (front of check), missing endorsement (back of check). It is the depositor’s responsibility to collect on this check. Any checks returned to Cash Accounting are taken very seriously, with top priority given to notifying the department that made the deposit. It is critical that a department preparing a check for deposit stamps each check with a complete endorsement on the back. See next question to find out where to get an endorsement stamp.

Where can I purchase an endorsement stamp for my department?

If you are responsible for preparing live checks (non-IDX) and deposit tickets to be deposited to a university bank account, it is critical that you endorse the checks with an endorsement stamp as follows:

Endorsement stamps can be ordered through William Baumgarten. Call Denny 410- 727-3733 or e-mail Denny at [email protected] for a quote number. Please include the quote number in vendor notes and send the shopping cart to Darlene Foehrkol. Reference the quote number under the category of office supplies. The vendor number for the company is 1011756. The stamp format should include the following:

For Deposit Only:
Johns Hopkins University
Your Department Name and Location Code
M&T Bank
Bank account number: the 3rd string of numbers on the side of the deposit ticket (the 1st string is the complete deposit ticket number, the 2nd is the bank’s routing number).

Your location code is the first 3 digits on each of your deposit tickets. Location codes are assigned by the Cash Accounting department the first time a department orders deposit tickets. A location code is unique to a specific department. Each deposit ticket repeats the same first 3 digits. The remaining 4 digits of your deposit ticket are sequential.

For questions, please contact Oprah Moore at(443) 997-2032 or [email protected].

What is a foreign check and what should I do if I receive one?

A foreign check is one that is written on a bank that exists outside of the U. S. and whose checks are not paid through a U.S. bank. You will usually notice that a foreign check does not reflect the standard U.S. MICR encoded line across the bottom of the check. Even though a check might say U.S. dollars, if it is not a U.S. check, it might not settle for the amount of U.S. dollars reflected on the check. If you receive a foreign check, please forward to Cash Accounting for special processing. Be sure to include all SAP codes that are required to post a cash receipt in SAP.

Who should I contact if I need to order deposit tickets for M&T Bank?

All orders for non-IDX deposit tickets are to be requested through Cash Accounting. E-mails should be sent to [email protected].

What is the department’s responsibility in facilitating the identification and posting of cash receipts?

Cash Accounting publishes Outstanding Cash Receipt Lists on the University Finance web site on a monthly basis. https://ga.finance.jhu.edu/unidentifiable-cash-receipts/

It is departments’ responsibility to facilitate the identification and posting of these cash receipts. If a department is looking for funds that they are expecting, there are several options. SAP transaction FBL3N (GL Account Line Items) may be used to search GL 204015 (Unidentified Cash Receipts). In addition SAP transaction FBL5N (Customer Line Items) may be used to search for open items posted to the Customer number. The department is instructed to contact Cash Accounting to move the receipt to the proper account.

How to deposit a check?

Fast Facts presentation by Oprah Moore, Accounting Manager.

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Requesting access to Cash Accounting applications

Emailed reports, student payments and unidentified cash payments.

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