Contribution and Endowment accounting is responsible for maintaining the university endowments as well as recording the activity for investment and contribution accounting. We work with the Johns Hopkins Investment Office to record activity for the University investments. Maintaining endowments includes new endowment setup, maintaining documentation, and recording endowment payout and market value. Contribution accounting relates to ensuring the monthly School of Medicine financial statements and the University quarterly GAAP statements fairly present contribution receivables and revenues.

Setting up new Endowments

Each division may have a different process for new endowments. Before they are sent to General Accounting its best to ensure you have contacted the appropriate personnel in your division. If you are unfamiliar with the process or need help setting up an endowment, please contact your divisional business office or General Accounting at [email protected].  Each endowment set up must include a Cover sheet when sent to General Accounting. Sample cover sheets can be found here.

New endowments are due to General Accounting by the 2nd Friday of the last month of the Quarter. Please see University Finance calendar.

Endowment Payout & Market Value

General Accounting allocates endowment activity on a quarterly basis. Endowment payout is allocated at the end of each quarter. Endowment market value (market gains/losses) is allocated in the month following quarter end and during second close at year end.

Contact: [email protected]

Access to NRS Sub-ledger

NRS, a third-party provider, maintains a web portal where divisions and departments can access endowment reports. The reports provide account information such as SAP accounts, historic book value, market gains and losses, and payout. NRS provides a .pdf report for each endowment fund which is helpful for internal and donor reporting needs. Please use the contact link to start the process to obtain access to the online reports. The access is subject to Development and division approval.

Contact: [email protected]

Contribution Accounting

Contact: [email protected]

Gift Assessment

Since April, 2010 the University places a 4% assessment on all gifts that are received, this excludes any divisional taxes or assessments. General Accounting prepares divisional reconciliations of contribution activity in Johns Hopkins Advancement System (JHAS) compared to SAP and prepares the assessment entry on a divisional basis.

Contact Contributions & Endowments – [email protected]